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rfid02M&W is the designers and suppliers of RFID solution, and now we service in the telecommunications , digital communications, computer, general electronics,

network equipment, automotive and medical equipment fields. We would provide for customers with a high level of products and convenient service!

M&W RFID product list 2012-4-19

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DPOur products majorly support a variety of contactless IC card and contact IC card. We have a variety of forms such as desktop/handheld /embedded that can meet the standards of ISO7816/ISO14443.
We are committed to providing a full range of products and services in the area of contact IC card /contactless IC card / embedded .

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01Radio frequency card, also known as contactless IC card, which successfully resolved the problem of the passive (no power supply in card) and free contact ,it is a major breakthrough is the field of electronic devices . Mainly used for public transport, ferry, subway automatic toll collection system, also used in access control, identity and e-wallet.

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Popular RFID Card

001Most popular RFID card of MW with NXP mifare S50 are mainly be used RFID application with good security such as public transportation ticket system ;High way tolling system, Access Control ; Identification;

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CPU Card & SmartCOS

SmartCOS (Smart Chip Operating System) is a smart chip operating system developed by MingWah AoHan with self-owned intelligent property right. Its series products are applicable to such industries as finance, insurance, medical care, electronic certificates...

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IC Card

IC Card, the abbreviation of Integrated Circuit Card, emerges as the times require with the development of semi-conductor technology and increasing requirement of society on information security.

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WL-AP1 V10The marketing of WLAN is increasing at high speed at present. The WLAN standard of Chinese own had been released on May2003, and it will be enforced. It's mean that the products, which do not follow the Chinese standard, cannot be sold domestic.

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EKEYPLUS-smalleKey is a kind of USB equipment that combines smart card with card reader together. Small in size, light in weight and easy to take, it is also called an electronic key or an electronic token. It has a lot of functions such as ID verification, encryption/decryption, digital signature, safe data storage, etc.

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RFID Rewritable Printing System

RFID Rewritable Card and Hybrid thermal Printing System”by the patent technology both on the cards and the printer.

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